XJuly 17, 2020
Change has been on its way for a long time. We keep talking about the new normal and the new priorities that have risen from the COVID-19 crisis…

Revisiting the State of The Union 2020

XJune 19, 2020
How the united states has responded to the crisis The government of the United States had somewhat of a delayed reaction to the threat of the virus, but when it answered, it focused on strategies to prevent an economic meltdown, strengthening the healthcare system, and preventing further spread. The COVID-19 task force led by Vice President Pence with active participation by President Trump, together with government officials from a wide array of agencies, and with the active participation of governors from all 50 states and mayors from cities all around the country, represented a bureaucratic deployment of immense magnitude. The high level of professionalism and commitment from all the new heroes of the world resembled soldiers standing in the front lines. From the health sector, to the humblest public servant and private sector employee, people carried out their duties to keep the country running and to help those in need. Congress has responded by approving trillion-dollar programs in record time aimed at supporting the different levels of government in their strategies to address the health crisis. Additionally, it has promoted programs designed to keep the economy as stable as possible and in hopes to generate conditions for rapid recovery

A Brave New World

XJune 19, 2020
My analysis on the #covid19 international response The pandemic caught us all by surprise. We could have never anticipated neither its magnitude nor its impact. It has caused an unimaginable death toll and has paralyzed both our social and economic activities It has raised awareness of how vulnerable we are as individuals but, moreover, as a civilization. We were aware of risks associated with natural disasters, armed conflicts, and even of the potential for some kind of pandemic. The entire world is investing a staggering amount of resources to understand the virus; to provide protection; to care for those affected, and to mitigate its impact on our lives and our economy. The efforts and concerns have reached every corner of the world. As world leaders work on supporting scientists in the search for a cure, equipping hospitals and healthcare providers to effectively treat the ill, and attempting to control the spread and reducing its effects on the economy; they have also been forced to assess all the weaknesses that have prevented a faster and more efficient response. Countries and their leaders all over the world will have to recognize their failure in creating efficient healthcare systems. They will also

On Leadership: One for all, and all for one.

XMay 28, 2020
I’m not the first to say that the virus caught us all off guard. It has forced all leaders on all corners of the world and of all kinds to assume positions to help us cope with the limitations, difficulties, and setbacks that this pandemic has created for us. The revision of many of the technical or academic principles that have been assumed about leadership is imperative for the great leaders of the world. The world has been forced to become more human. This crisis has shown that it affects everyone, regardless of background or circumstance. It has forced us to understand that there are issues that we must face so that we are not caught off guard in the way that this virus has done. During these troubling times, two speeches from two great leaders have stood out to me and truly made me reflect. First of all, I was moved by Pope Francis’s homily on Easter Sunday. His invitation to reflect, to not give in to indifference, to think of the whole world and not only of ourselves, to fight against divisiveness, is a very welcome and necessary one at this time. It’s time to come together