Reflections: Harvard Alumni 25-year Reunion

XApril 24, 2020
A tiny virus teaches us – the need to caring for each other; ever-than before! We were together 25 years ago… smiling happily with each other! We wanted to be – once again to see and embrace – each other! a tiny virus prevented us Getting… Together! But, rationally we all are together – craving for good health of each other! a tiny virus teaches us – The shakiness of our life-systems; and the power of the rest – in the ecosystems! This poem was written by Leela Padmini Batuwitage, a former classmate of mine from Sri Lanka in honor of, what would have been, a very special celebration. Today, I was supposed to be in Cambridge, Massachusetts, celebrating alongside my fellow alumni our 25-year reunion since we graduated from our Harvard master’s program. An achievement that helped shape all of our lives. Today also, millions of students all over the world are seeing their education be affected by this global crisis. I think about  all the students that had to leave their campus dorms or housing to go back to their families. All the students whose dynamic has been disrupted. All the students who have even had to

Triptych Lifestyle

XFebruary 19, 2020
Lifestyle hotels are not just a resting place on your trip, they are part of your journey… It’s no secret that the hotel industry is constantly changing and adapting. While at some point hotels were essentially for guests to rest, that concept has evolved significantly in recent years. especially when it comes to “lifestyle” hotels. This rising trend incorporates amenities and services that are no longer exclusive for guests, but instead serve as a business drivers that might even be more significant than the lodging aspect of hotels.  Lifestyle hotels have pop up all over the place offering different levels of luxury and experiences for both guests and other types of customers. Triptych hotel will be a lifestyle brand that will invite you to experience a world-class destination. The name Triptych means a work of art with three components. The three pillars of the brand are an invitation for the public to have a space to live their own experience in a state-of-the-art building: create, indulge and refresh. All in an art-filled and beautifully decorated five-star hotel. The goal of the brand is to not only provide quality services and amenities, but to invite the public to experience the

Back to School

XJanuary 11, 2020
After a long trajectory, working in many industries and constantly developing and operating businesses, I can safely define myself as an entrepreneur. In the last few years, my partners and I have put our focus on the hospitality industry, developing our own projects and partnering with flagship hotel chains that trust our group to represent their brands.