Super bowl liv: promoting the miami brand

XFebruary 19, 2020
Miami has become a genuinely great city, not only of the US, but of the world. A city that is not only a coveted tourist destination, but also attractive for residence and business. The Miami name now represents more than a city: Miami is now a brand, a destination and a lifestyle. Hosting the 2020 Super Bowl is a great opportunity, as it is the sports event with most publicity and followers in the U.S. Being a successful host helps position the Miami brand and portrays the city as a destination to watch.

The importance of a restaurant design

XJanuary 28, 2020
Opening a restaurant is no longer just about serving good food. Restaurants nowadays, especially in such a busy market as Miami and other cities that are booming with great gastronomical offers, have the challenge to make their projects stand out. To make their restaurants memorable and offer an overall experience. Every aspect of the restaurant has to convey a concept, a feeling, an idea; to tell a story.

Soft-Brand Hotels: The best of both worlds

XDecember 20, 2019
Since their inception, hotel chains’ original strategy was to create brands associated to certain standards. For instance, if a guest stayed at a Marriott in New York, the goal was to ensure he'd feel the same way as if he’d stayed at a Marriott in Tokyo, and vice versa. A specific set of services, such as design, quality of attention and price range is supposed to be similar in each hotel as well.