Opening a restaurant is no longer just about serving good food. Restaurants nowadays, especially in such a busy market as Miami and other cities that are booming with great gastronomical offers, have the challenge to make their projects stand out. To make their restaurants memorable and offer an overall experience. Every aspect of the restaurant has to convey a concept, a feeling, an idea; to tell a story.  

From the food, to the service, to the design, all the pieces have to fit together and be in sync. Interior design is not about making a room pretty. It’s about allowing your customers to visualize and live in the concept of your restaurant. The color scheme, the lighting, the comfort, the furniture, the ceiling, the floor, are all part of the package that help confirm to the customer what experience they’re going to have.                                                                                                                       

When choosing the design for Mosaico, HES Group’s soon to be opened restaurant, we wanted to make sure we transmit the concept of Miami as a tropical haven. It is made to be casual, with lasting design. A place ideal for work meetings as well as social gatherings.

The restaurant will be located in Brickell, Miami’s vibrant cosmopolitan area, a place where the creative and professional mind mingle together. The blue glass and grey Brickell buildings inspire a mix of culture that blends effortlessly in the design. The outdoor patio, taking advantage of Miami’s sunny weather, function as a green oasis in the middle of it all.

To bring this concept to life, Sanchez+Coleman was the perfect partner. Their work and trajectory is reflected in the amazing place Mosaico Restaurant it’s turning out to be. Soon, you’ll be able to see it for yourself, as this amazing restaurant comes to life!