Entrepreneurship is more than just business. It’s a way of thinking. This modus operandi has followed me throughout my entire career and brought me tremendous joy and a substantial amount of lessons worth sharing.

Ever since I started my business ventures, I’ve always believed in the idea of using business as a tool for the benefit of society…. This message must be echoed to the entrepreneurs of the future. We need entrepreneurs who build businesses that promote the development of society, transform lives, and contribute to create a sustainable society.

Having said this, I would like to share some of the lessons I’ve learned throughout my career:

  • Create a sense of belonging in company culture:
    Retaining talent is impossible unless employees are proud of their work and of the company they represent. It is possible building a genuine entrepreneurial culture aligned with the business model.
  • Nothing is achieved alone:
    I firmly believe that the most important factor in a company is not its financial capital, but its people. We must be focused on creating an enthusiastic and collaborative working community that raises the value proposition for its stakeholders, investors, partners, and employees.
  • Having the right “Vision”:
    Diamonds are everywhere, the secret is knowing how to collect them and exploit their value. Do more than just discover an opportunity, make the most of it!
  • Be ready to walk away from a project:
    Sometimes, walking away is the best return on investment you’re going to get. That’s okay, it happens. The important thing is knowing how to learn from one’s mistakes and move on. All entrepreneurs went through it, and that’s okay!

The road to success isn’t easy, I can guarantee that. But, the first step is getting out of your comfort zone, believing and setting realistic goals for yourself, and executing them with commitment and discipline.