Lifestyle hotels are not just a resting place on your trip, they are part of your journey…

It’s no secret that the hotel industry is constantly changing and adapting. While at some point hotels were essentially for guests to rest, that concept has evolved significantly in recent years. especially when it comes to “lifestyle” hotels. This rising trend incorporates amenities and services that are no longer exclusive for guests, but instead serve as a business drivers that might even be more significant than the lodging aspect of hotels.  Lifestyle hotels have pop up all over the place offering different levels of luxury and experiences for both guests and other types of customers.

Triptych hotel will be a lifestyle brand that will invite you to experience a world-class destination. The name Triptych means a work of art with three components. The three pillars of the brand are an invitation for the public to have a space to live their own experience in a state-of-the-art building: create, indulge and refresh. All in an art-filled and beautifully decorated five-star hotel. The goal of the brand is to not only provide quality services and amenities, but to invite the public to experience the Triptych lifestyle.

The brand aims to embody that lifestyle that is so characteristic of Miami with its key location. The Triptych Hotel will stand at the center of the Design District, Wynwood, and Midtown/Biscayne Corridor: three up and coming neighborhoods in Miami that have been growing in the past decade. It hopes to bring together all their main components and ideals to create a space that becomes a hub for everything they represent: the luxury and decadence of the Design District, the creativity and cutting-edge vibe from Wynwood and the warmth and charisma of Midtown. 

To represent the brand pillars (indulge, create refresh) the project will include high-end retail spaces, trendy restaurants and social and inspiring areas. The indulge pillar represents the bon-vivant’s desire to see and be seen. It calls to the hedonistic way of life that makes them want to enjoy all the pleasures life has to offer. The hotel will offer some amazing hand-picked options of dining and retail to quench their thirst. The create pillar represents the creative souls that are looking to be inspired. It calls to the artists within to open their minds and take it all in. Triptych will focus on creating spaces that visually and practically stimulate creativity and connectivity with fellow wanderers. The refresh pillar represents the escape from your troubles. It calls to all of those who just need to sit back and recharge. The hotel’s services and amenities will make sure all troubles are left behind and you can simply enjoy the ride.

Triptych is more than a brand: it’s a living organism, it’s a work of art, it’s your connection to the city, it’s your ultimate getaway, it’s a lifestyle.